So here it is! Tarns & Tides. A place where I can share the things I love, yoga, movement, water, travel, adventure, and a little of my 2 babes and partner B-love. We live in the PNW which is home to me. The PNW is hard to beat in beauty but I lived in Micronesia for a year forever ago and now I constantly wish to be somewhere tropical.


I teach yoga, but feel as if I can never know enough-so please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or tips & pointers. I’m an ambassador for the amazing No&Yo Clothing co. I mean seriously-the softest shirts you have ever felt. I do have some affiliate links on my site where I get paid a little bit for sharing-but I would only ever share things I have actually used or tried. And I mean honestly-I will only share things I like. Why fuel the world with the negative energy of something that just isn’t your thing?


I hope you find some useful information on the blog. Please shoot me a line if you have any questions or wish to work with me in someway. tarnna@gmail.com

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